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AT Lab Log - Our Place

January 01, 2020

This is a link to a Facebook Group that I started a couple of years ago as part of my coursework.  It was a place for my student workers and other Assistive Technology pro's and beginners could network and touch base.  Come check us out and stay awhile.  If you look into the Files section, you will see a number of instructional videos produced by student workers.  They make me proud! 

March 23, 2018

Professor Scott Kupferman collects beautiful pieces of historic assistive technology.  This visual has been used on a few occasions to accompany me presenting some of this collection to interested conference attendees. 

April 28, 2017

I worked with a partner to design instruction for a community center in Zimbabwe to help them market their place and gather donations.  This taught me how to design from start to finish.  See it here.

April 13, 2016

My life has been somewhat diverse.  As a military brat I started life moving around and continued enjoying diverse experiences into adulthood. 

October 15, 2015

This is a collaborative project introducing assistive technology.  The final product is this website.  My biggest contributions are in the Stories section and consist of interviews with people who use assistive technology in their daily lives.  

This is a Prezi from the presentation I made to the Accessing Higher Ground conference.  It concerned the role of the Assistive Technology professional in assessing students to find out what assistive technology might be appropritae for them.

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