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Of course, if you’ve used a pencil only to have it smudge, blur, or vanish on you, then you know the importance of investing in a solid formula and a pro-level pencil tip “A fine point is always best as it : gives you more control, but the one thing people should look for is the right color, not too dark or info autodocg com ML community profile altamarston082 , too orange,” Bedrani continues “The texture of the pencil is always important if it’s too greasy, it won’t stay on, and if it’s too dry, it’s hard to apply ” If you have sparse eyebrows, the brow wiz is one of the best eyebrow pencils on the market One of the main reasons for that is its amazingly thin nib A thin nib allows for much more realistic hair strokes than a thicker nib Getting a great brow is a multi-faceted process—I like to start by plucking away any errant eyebrow hairs, then I fill in sparse areas with one of my favorite eyebrow pencils Because I like defined brows, I then turn to one of my favorite gel formulas to smooth my sometimes unruly brows trending eyelinerAlthough the importance of liner-to-lashline proximity has long been stressed by makeup artists and beauty heavyweights, the floating liner trend seems to be taking its cues from the ‘negative space’ manicure, allowing a little murvual com discussion profile virginiafinsch7 , extra breathing room between the eye and the art If desired, create some extra definition with a winged eyeliner look, either with the same pencil or pasang101 go th web community profile ayrorville90582 , with black eyeliner Contact Thick winged eyeliner turns everyone into a 60s Italian movie star! Bring on the drama with Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Dot eyeliner between upper lashes, working color into your lash line Blend lightly with smudge tip to create the illusion of lush, fuller-looking lashes This technique is also called tightlining Confession: I wear winged liner almost every single day And as much as I love a good cat eye, using black all the time can be a bit boring Spice things up by adding a stroke of color to your beloved wing Pick an eyeliner pencil in a bold hue like this one, COVERGIRL's Ink It! in Aquamarine Ink to create this look And here's an expert tip: If you slip-up while drawing, it's no biggie! Saturate a Q-tip with makeup remover, then return to your lid to sharpen up that line best eye cream before and afterIf yoursquore looking for a more affordable eye cream, Etude is the best The Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream is made with a concentration of hydrolyzed collagen that is amazing for nourishing and firming the skin around your eyesmdashyou can say bye-bye to fine lines Hardworking jesustheanointed com community profile molly04g565114 , ladies need hard-working products If you have been searching for eye cream reviews waylonwrkc109875 nizarblog com 15460836 lash-princess-volume-mascara online, looking for the best eye cream for dar


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