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Voices Heard

old fashioned microphone

I experienced some new perspectives in the module we just completed called “Finding Voice.” The most notable was the deliberate idea of a collaborative voice. I was extremely impressed with the high school class that produced the collaborative story “Whistling.” The caliber and emotional depth was superb. I would never have expected that. It challenged my belief that creativity is an individual endeavor.

I felt even more impact participating in the Experience Play selection of digital stories. I played Spent and Seed Ship several times with varying results. Both stories affected me greatly, taking me away from my current realit

For my challenge this week I did an artifact from the near future. I used Canva software to create a poster. This is my first time using graphics in the class. It was difficult for me to piece together using this new software and I wasn’t as happy with the results as I was with the process. I’m planning to work on that skill and try some other tools.

I had fun with my Daily Creates. I am proud of the variety. I used a photo manipulative software, video, photography, and a drawing to create four very different creations.

Allie, Holly, Jennifer and I talked about our experiences with the Do Not Track collection of stories concerning digital tracking and privacy. It was challenging for me to be a part of a four-person dialog online. I prefer one-to-one or large groups. We did pretty well trying to contribute an equal amount to the conversation but I think it may have gone better if we had done this before or knew each other in "real" life. If we were forced to speak for an hour or more, perhaps we would have gotten into a rhythm eventually. The Do Not Track website was intriguing in more ways than one. Of course, the topic was frightening to say t he least. However, I noticed the various formats of the different episodes and how attentive I became with the different hosts. Again, the various authors and styles made for an engaging whole piece. I'm sold on collaboration.

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