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Today is Some Day

Writing a journal is a great idea!!! Just single profound sentences are in fact a journal. I was inspired by Stefan Sagmeister's YouTube entitled happiness by design. Towards the end of the video he talks about writing a list of everything he has learned in his life. Writing lists can be kind of journal. Later on he takes a single entry office lifts creates a piece of artwork from it. There are phrases in my life I remember that I would like to start. When I remember off the top of my head is "today is some day." A friend of mine who happens to play the upright bass and I were talking about performing. I so rarely find the time and occasion to sing and more and he asked me if I was ever to start singing again. I responded "some day." He, like most professional musicians, doesn't wait for the ideal situation before performing. He told wisely: today is some day. A few days later I attended a poetry jam with another friend of mine. One of the poets must have been in the area where I had that conversation with my friend the bass player. He got out there and repeated that phrase over and over again, "today is some day." It struck a chord and I have never forgotten it.

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