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They should listen to us!

I get so annoyed that most tech designers don't have a clue how to please me! Being the natural born critic I am, I want to shake them all and make them realize they should listen to their market.

Here is my advice to those creating audible public devices. They should all have volume controls...ATM's, self-service grocery check-outs, gas-pump advertisements, etc. They are all too loud and actually hurt my ears and/or give me headaches. Why can't we turn the volume down to work for our own hearing level? Doesn't anyone know how to build a volume potentiometer knob anymore? Is that a lost art that went away with the car radio tuners? Some days I even navigate through life with one ear plug on just to defend myself against the level of noise pollution produced by the latest annoying gadgets in public.

Marketers should listen to us instead of making us listen to them at full volume. Why is it so difficult to make things easy?

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