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Pecha Kucha - Great Design?

So I dug around Pinterest looking at presentation ideas. I found a few presentations in Pecha Kucha style. What is that you ask? Its a Powerpoint presentation method that is a series of 20 slides with 20 seconds given to each slide. This is quite the thing in Japan, where it was first introduced. They even have gatherings to watch these presentations called Pecha Kucha Nights. This is supposed to alleviate the all too familiar death-by-Powerpoint experienced when watching someone babble on for 2 minutes with one slide glaring painfully on behind them.

It didn't work for me. I found the three Pecha Kucha styled videos to be duller than dull. Perhaps they are best experienced in person. Twenty seconds is still a long time. They did, however, come up with some tips for creating Powerpoints that everyone should know by not using text on the slides to convey messages...use images. They also reminded us that the presenter shouldn't be watching the slides and instead making eye contact with the audience.

This first blog entry ends up being an example of What not to like in Design for me personally.

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