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Everyone can draw a Brain

We learned in my Creative Designs for Instructional Materials class that being able to draw your ideas is a great skill to have. If you can communicate to a group by drawing rather than writing, you can often get your message across more effectively. So...I will be practicing drawing various simple items...such as a brain, or a hand, or a dollar bill.

To do this right, I simply googled a bunch of sketches of brains and then copied them.

Here are my first attempts at a brain:

Some things that have come up for me are: I tend to draw the stem on the right. I don't seem to get the squiggly lines in the brain to look right. You have to consider whether or not I need to distinguish the brain sections. I need to sketch faster and still get the point across. I guess I should practice an overhead view in case I need to show the two sides of the brain.

I've decided I will sketch one new item a week and practice it regularly that week in spare moments. I should have a good repertory at the end of a year. That's some progress!

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