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Digital Me

So who is the digital me? I"m not sure I would like the digital me...its not really me. However, it is my own doing that has created this monster. Based on Facebook, I'm probably too PollyAnna for my own taste except in my Political outrage of the far right. Based on the Do Not Track survey, I'm a poor financial risk because I am too open. This is definitely way off since I am also extremely conscientious about debt.

This module made me see both sides of the digital me.

My active digital footprint is quite lacking since I don't blog except for class and I don't really express myself online with any profundity. My only active voice is one of a typical American who loves dogs or cats and has a fairly stable home life and celebrates birthdays and takes regular annual vacations. Nothing to see here, folks.

My passive digital footprint, on the other hand is likely quite extensive. I have over 30 active apps on my iPhone. I utilize social media for fun, for work and for school. I've potentially volunteered most of my personal data online in several outlets...and there is no way to get it back. I've been online for decades. What do I do now?

Since it is not possible for me to remove my digital self, I am determined to change it. I've decided to become more of an active voice and tell my own stories rather than hiding them in fear. I will try to be less impulsive and create more of a thoughtful presence online. I've been too passive for too long and have put something out into the digital universe that is meaningful and caring. We have too much greed and schadenfreude represented and not enough humanity. We humans are being digitally raped and need to educate ourselves to protect each other. We need to join digital hands and work together to take back our internet. I, for one, am going to wake up and start being a conscious digital citizen.

Obviously, this module affected me more than any of the others. My biggest stretch was in my own expanded perception of my digital self.

Here are some of my Daily Create Tweets:

We will see what our next module brings. I can't imagine that any will be more effective than this one.

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