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Artifact from the Near Future

I wrote this one on Medium.

In the library where I work things have gotten rather slack. Students eat there and would even skateboard through it if they could get away with it. Here is where the librarians have put their collective foot down and stop the students in their tracks…or wheel marks. Skateboards and hoverboards must not be rolled on in the library! Students complain that there is no place to put their personal vehicles when utilizing library services so they are propped up in odd places against the wall and aside a chair in random places. I suspect that libraries will soon be providing skate and hover board storage slots like they do with bicycles. But what about when we get beyond wheels? I imagine this might be a door entering our library in the near future.

(I used Canva to create the poster.)No Indoor Flying. Check in fly-belts at the front desk. Walk/Wheels Only Zone. Wheels < 10 mph

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