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Hours Logged

July 9-13

Human Being Soup 

12 hours

Prep and presentation to CU IT community

July 16-20

Assistive Technology website photos

10 hours

Envision website for better access for all and shoot photos accordingly.

July 23-27

website work

10 hours


July 30- Aug 3


5 hours


Aug 13-17

UDL in Classes in conjunction with Scott Kupferman

4 hours

Prep and presentation to new faculty orientation, used sticky notes for evaluation

Sept 3-9

website work

10 hours

website coordination with web developer (template work)

Sept 10-16

website work

5 hours

fix website

Sept 17-23

work on VPAT presentation for IT

5 hours


Sept 24-30

work on game for faculty - came up with ideas for cards and created them, created gameboard

30 hours


Oct 1-5

present VPAT for IT.  present game preliminary for IT,

edit game

25 hours

Oct 9-20

gather feedback. update website

create new deck of cards and 6th category

6 hours

Oct 21-26

presented and played game at ATHES group in Boulder

collected feedback

2 hours

Oct 28-Nov 3

updated website with reflections and other

4 hours

Nov 4-9

wrote reflections

4 hours

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