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Do you ever take those tests that show whether you are right-brained or left-brained?  I do.  The left-brain dominant people are supposedly analytical, logical, verbal and detail oriented.  The right-brain people exhibit more intuition, creativity and are visual.  The whole concept has supposedly been debunked.  But whether or not the spectrum correlates with sides of the brain it does seem to categorize we humans well.  My tests always put me dead in the middle.  I am a complete hybrid of both sides.  This happens when I take all the popular personality tests.  My True Colours test shows me as half green and half blue.  The StrengthsFinder test shows my top strength as Empathy but with the Analytical strengths right up behind there.  So what does this mean?   


It means that I have a hard time deciding whether to follow my heart or my head.  I have  a difficult time finding careers that suit me.   I should probably be a musician since that involves an understanding of math and an ability to emote.  Oh yeah, that is where I started but never pursued it as a career.  


Instead, I work as an Assistive Technology Specialist at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.  In this job I assist students with disabilities to learn and use technology that helps them get on equal footing with their peers in school.  I also consult with and train faculty to create a more accessible environment.  Funny thing, I love my job. I seem to have a knack for assessing students' abilities and matching those up with the right technology.  The assessment part is partly intuitive and partly analytical.  I also use my hybrid brain when facilitating classes.  I am good at reading the room and I know how to change gears if someone doesn't understand my point.


I'm married to a great mensch of a man named Jack.  We love animals and traveling and being in the beautiful outdoors.  I miss the ocean when I don't get to visit.  I'm like most people I guess.  But I am uniquely me.

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